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Panda Express is a chain of restaurants that care. It focuses on serving American Chinese Cuisine and is known for mainly operating within the United States. The restaurant chain mainly operates in places like casinos, rail road stations, airports, strip malls, stadiums, colleges, shopping malls, supermarkets, toll plazas and theme parks among others. You can also find a Panda Express restaurant at the Pentagon. The restaurant is, therefore, located in places where people hardly have the time to look for their food. It is conveniently located to suit the needs of its customers. Panda Express also happens to be the largest and fastest growing Chinese fast food restaurant within the United States.

New panda express dishToday, Panda Express has over 1,541 restaurants all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Despite its rapid growth, Panda Express is still looking for new locations to set up. The restaurant chain is, therefore, expected to reach more locations in future. In addition to its high class restaurants, the company now operates stand alone restaurants. These restaurants have what are called drive through windows, which allow customers to place their orders without having to actually leave their cars.

The stand alone restaurants started operating in 2004 and they are regarded as one of the company’s greatest inventions, since they drive in a good number of customers. Panda Express headquarters are located in California, in a place called Rosemead.

As far as the food is concerned, it is never disappointing. The restaurant offers a variety of foods and dishes, all of which are freshly prepared daily. Some of the foods offered by the restaurant include Beijing beef, orange chicken, Mandarin chicken and the famous Kung Pao chicken among others. The restaurant’s combo meals are all served with steamed rice, fried rice, mixed vegetables, or Chow Mein.

It is up to you as the customer to choose what you want to eat with your combo meal. Additionally, all meals from Panda Express do not have any MSG additions. In other words, no MSG is added to the products once they are delivered to Panda Express. Panda Express also assures its clients that it does not make purchases from suppliers who add MSG to their products before they are delivered. The restaurant, therefore, assures its clients that no MSG is contained or added to any of its products.

Meet the Panda Express “Steakhouse”

Notable is the fact that Panda Express treasures its employees. The company understands that it is only if employees are happy that they will be able to do a good job. The restaurant pays its employees between one and two dollars more than employees at other fast food restaurants. It is believed that this difference in pay makes all the difference, since it makes the employees willing to take the extra step to make customers happy. Food at Panda Express is delicious and much more than what most people expect. As a restaurant, Panda Express is committed to giving the best to its customers, and maintaining the high quality of its food.

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